Interior Design Fees

There is a lot of mystery around what interior designers do, and how they charge their clients.

I offer a free initial consultation and at this meeting I will explain how my service works, as well as chatting through ideas for the project and explaining what costs will be involved. I can work to any budget and I provide services ranging from a simple consultation to an entire property renovation with a full project management service.

My fees are dependent upon the size and complexity of the project you wish to undertake, but broadly speaking are based upon an initial design fee plus a project management fee if this service is required.

Design Service

For the agreed design fee I will provide:

  • A site survey
  • A presentation of the design ideas to include fabric, flooring, lighting, and paint and wallpaper samples, as well as more structural aspects if required e.g. fireplaces, doors and windows

There is no extra charge for additional meetings; we will keep working until we all agree that we have the perfect design. My fees are dependent on the scale of the project but average prices are as follows:

  • Living room £300 plus VAT
  • Bedroom £240 plus VAT
  • Kitchen £360 plus VAT
  • Bathroom £360 plus VAT

Prices for whole house or major renovation projects on application.

Interior Design Help

If you need help with a particular room or the general layout of your home, I am happy to discuss designs, colours, layouts, lighting and much more. I charge £60 plus VAT per hour for these consultations, full of expert advice and lots of enthusiasm and ideas! Please note, I do not charge for any travelling time.

Project Management

I offer a full project management service and this is charged at a percentage of the contract value, dependent upon the size of the contract.

For further details of prices or services please contact me by phone or e-mail for a friendly, no obligation chat.


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