Qualified Interior Designer, Jayne Webb BIID Member

A qualified interior designer? Why does that matter?

Jayne Webb
Jayne Webb, Southover Designs at Colgate

Some people are very good at completing their own interior design projects and have a wonderful eye for style. Some people wouldn’t dream of hiring an interior designer because they enjoy watching their own designs come alive in their homes.

But what if you’re not an interior designer? Or what if you don’t have the skills to make design work in your own home?

Or what if your interior design vision is achievable, but you don’t have the time right now? How do you choose who to help you?

Qualified Interior Designer

Our homes matter to us and it’s important that our homes reflect the design and style we want to – and not the design and style of someone else or the design and style someone else thinks we should have.

And that’s where choice becomes important. Anyone can call themselves an interior designer, so to make sure your interior designer works for you and not for herself, be sure you’re using a properly qualified interior designer.

Look for accreditation from the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID).

British Institute of Interior Design (BIID)

A qualified interior designer, accredited by the BIID means you are working with a professional who has been assessed for membership based on training completed and experience gained.

The mission statement from the BIID encompasses the principles that it stands for:

“The British Institute of Interior Design is committed to encouraging and supporting creativity and competence in the field of interior design through facilitating best practice, practical professional support, development opportunities and education.”

It ensures that interior designers that apply for membership have been assessed through their rigorous entry requirements. The expectation is that once qualified an interior designer will continue to train and learn throughout their professional career, keeping up to date with innovations and new trends in design.

Jayne Webb, Qualified Interior Designer

As an accredited and qualified interior designer, my career really matters to me and access to good quality, up-to-date information, advice and support are all available through the BIID network. This network is beneficial for all the interior designers who are members and we can share ideas and learn from each other.

In today’s challenging economic landscape you want to be sure of finding a properly qualified interior designer to work on your home interior. The BIID has a Membership Directory that allows you to access a complete list of all members and a facility to search depending on budget or type of job.

If you are looking for an experienced and qualified interior designer in Surrey, Sussex or Kent, I am available for a free consultation and would be delighted to meet you.

Please call me 01342 833600.