Interior Designer Sussex: Bathroom Project

I recently completed a bathroom project in Crawley, West Sussex, where the design for the bathroom used super sized tiles. It is always very satisfying to see a design in its finished state and in this case it was a bathroom that oozed contemporary style.

Planning a Bathroom

Bathroom design can sometimes be quite tricky. There can be issues with pipe-work, air-vents and builders who scratch their head and say that it just can’t be done! ¬†As an interior designer with years of experience in renovation and project management, I’ve not yet come across any problem that I couldn’t solve with a little clever thinking. It’s all about understanding your project and planning all the details, big and small, in advance.

Designing and building a bathroom is not just about choosing the tiles and sanitary ware. I worked with the client to find the right selection of bathroom fittings to complement the design. Then there was a choice of mirror or cabinet for above the sink. What would be more appropriate? Did they need storage, or would they prefer a mirror that was all about the interior design? Sussex was the preferred source for the products (keeping it local) and I had to keep this in mind as well.

All of these questions and options were discussed prior to the start of the project and planned in advance. When it came to fitting out the bathroom, all the items were available and ready for installation. I was on site directing the work and the builders were able to get on with the job without any delays.

Accessorising the Bathroom Design

When you’ve designed a new bathroom, it’s a treat to buy new towels and accessories to make it special. I find that bathrooms always look good with large shells, candles and nice bottles with soaps and lotions. These are the finishing touches that I can help co-ordinate with your finished bathroom design.

If you are considering a bathroom project, or any other type of interior design, please call me, Jayne Webb at Southover Design for a free consultation.