Interior Design Surrey: Lighting Design Tips for your Home Office

Dinning Room

I wrote an article recently – Interior Design Surrey: Jayne Webb Makes Working from Home a Success. If you’ve made the investment to set up an office in your home, have you also invested in your lighting design? I find many people lurking about in dark offices with shadows falling in all the wrong places. Interior designers use lighting as a tool to bring life to all the rooms in your home; the living room, the office or even the loo!

Interior Design Top Tips for your Home Office Lighting

  1. Avoid working under direct overhead lights, this can give you eye strain. It is better to keep your lighting indirect. An interior designer will work with downlighters and uplighters to create layers in the right places to give you an overall ‘lighting effect’ for your room.
  2. Natural Light is your friend and every interior designer will always make the best use of light from your windows. Glare from sunlight needs to be controlled with curtains or blinds. Window treatments that are not too fussy and easy to adjust are the best recommendation for an office.
  3. Location is key.  Focus your lighting design on work intensive areas. For your desk, an adjustable lamp that can be used over your computer and easily swivelled for reading or writing, is ideal.
  4. Style doesn’t have to be a victim of practicality. Today we have so many choices available at a range of prices to suit any budget. An expert interior designer arranges your lighting for optimum effectiveness, and will make it look good too.
  5. Try before you buy. A useful service is the Heal’s Lightbox. You can book a consultation to try bulbs and fittings to see how illuminations from the Heal’s collection will work if you are fitting out your own office.

Table-LampThere are some wonderful Surrey Interior Design Lighting Centres who have vast stocks and styles available. If you would like some advice on your lighting or interior design, please contact me, Jayne Webb, Surrey Interior Designer at Southover Design and let there be light!