Interior Design Surrey: Jayne Webb Makes Working from Home a Success

Jayne Webb

Working on interior design projects in the Surrey area, I am often asked to renovate a garage or loft, to make a work-space for a client. It’s all part of the growing trend for employers who prefer employees to sign in rather than commute, or the alternative where a client is starting a new business from home. Adding extra space to your home (office or studio), needs interior design to add real value. The extra cost of an interior designer to maximise space, becomes a good investment on resale.

Surrey Interior Designer Expertise

Every interior designer will help you to think about the space you need to do your work. For every home working environment, consider the lighting, insulation and storage aspects. As an expert interior designer, I keep in mind this a work space and the distractions of home life away need to be kept away – make sure the house is kept for the home and work is separated.

Clever Interior Design for an Artist’s Studio

Natural light and space is essential for most artists. The interior design will change depending on the style of artist and equipment needed. Space to create large pieces and the ability to move them outside the studio may also be needed.

Office Interior Design

Working on designs for a home office environment is very different. In this instance more attention needs to be paid to ergonomics – a proper desk and chair. I look at all the practical issues such as:

  • Floor coverings that are stylish and practical (to make sure your chair is manoeuvrable!)
  • Cabling, do you have enough outlets and is it all neatly stowed?
  • Lighting design, arranged to give you comfort and no glare
  • Space for a whiteboard, if you need one
  • Storage, always a must for those files and books

Jayne Webb, owner Southover Interior Design, Lingfield Surrey

When you have your project professionally managed, these small issues are all taken care as part of the interior design. The Surrey area is brilliant for sourcing all the extras you need, and there are even some great places you can find second had office furniture that has hardly been used.

Discover how I can help you convert your home into the working space you’ve always wanted. Contact me, Jayne Webb at Southover Design for a free consultation.